"I debated on reaching out to do this shoot with Mark for a few months. Let me say I wish I would have done this sooner. Every woman has her own insecurities, and this shoot erased them all! The way I felt during -- and then after -- this shoot was empowerment to love myself (even more). Then the images came through and let me tell you, there’s beauty in photography. Knowing it’s you in those pictures is a feeling hard to describe. Every women should feel this way every day. Our bodies are amazing! As women we often neglect our well being, so do yourself a favor and just do it! I’m thankful for an awesome photographer to bring out the beauty within and create gorgeous, stunning ART! -- Sarah Kersey

"I cannot say enough about my experience working with Mark Cubbedge! First and foremost, he is one of the nicest and most easy going people you will ever meet. He immediately makes you feel like an old friend. His warmth carries over into his photoshoots, making you feel incredibly at ease and comfortable. Mark's professionalism is world class. His knowledge of lighting and his artistic visions create magic in his images. He is as excited as the client when he looks at the pictures he's captured. He was completely amazing about being respectful of my space, giving me verbal cues, and never touching me. I left my session with him feeling empowered! Mark hands down is one of the most professional and innovative photographers in NE Florida!  Mark creates art and it shows. I feel blessed to have been able to have worked with him and look forward to future collaborations. -- Shainee Ellison, model

"It’s funny how time and situations just sort of fall into place. I got the opportunity to work with Mark Cubbedge after a couple of months of throwing ideas back and forth. It was my first time, in a long time, to be photographed without the band. I was unbelievably full of nerves but Mark made them all go away the second we stepped onto location. Not many photographers take the time to get to know the client and their story. Mark was on time, energized, had a vision and took me along for the ride, all the while letting me feel like I had artist control as well. His professionalism inspired me and I think our collaboration tells the story. The pictures are timeless, genuine and everything right. Thank you Mark. You’re the real deal." -- Emma Moseley, musician

"I've worked with several different photographers and Mark is hands down the best one. He made me feel so comfortable during the shoot. I am very happy with the outcome of our shoot and I can't wait to work with him in the future." -- Jordyn Brown

"It was only my second time modeling when I met Mark Cubbedge. Working with Mark was a great experience as he coached me on different poses and presented different ideas to me on how to get the perfect angle for the style & theme of each photograph. He was very professional and knew exactly how to communicate so as to make a new model feel confident and less tense. After working with Mark Cubbedge, I can honestly say that I look forward to creating photographs with him again!" -- Kymberlea LeNoble

"I had such a wonderful experience working with Mark!  I came across Mark’s photography while modeling for St. Augustine Fashion Week and I am so happy I did! Mark is a very professional, kind, and positive photographer to work with. He goes above and beyond in efforts to make his clients absolutely satisfied with their photos.  He is very easy to talk to, listens to your ideas, and efficiently uses time to deliver what you are looking for. There are many great qualities about his character, which makes working with him a very pleasant experience. I definitely look forward to working on more creative projects in the future. Mark Cubbedge is not just your photographer, but he also becomes your friend!" -- Hana Marhosević

"A few weeks ago I had my first experience shooting with Mark. And I am counting down the days until we plan our next shoot! The energy level, communication, and creative ideas throughout the entire shoot were impeccable, which produced such beautiful and elegant art that I am honored to have been a part of it! He is such a professional and a joy to work with. If you want the best quality photos and the best shooting experience then Mark is your guy!" -- MacKenzie Jackson

"I just had my first professional photo shoot. I wanted some sexy but classy pictures. I was very nervous since this was something I had never done. Mark arrived, sat down and talked with me. He was very professional and warming. I immediately became comfortable and the entire shoot was incredible. After this experience, I wouldn't pick any other photographer to shoot me. It was truly one of the best experiences I have had." -- Jessica Brown

"I had an amazing shoot with Mark Cubbedge! His professionalism and talented eye made for such an amazing and comfortable shoot. I was very nervous but within minutes he me at ease and the shoot was on! After seeing a few shots from the shoot I was floored at how amazing they looked! I would recommend him to anyone! No matter what kind of pictures you need taken, this photographer is your guy! You will only be blown away at the result. On a scale of 1-10, he was a 15! At least! Thank you again Mark!" -- Stephanie Kemp

"Recently, I had the joy and honor to work with Mark! He immediately made me feel comfortable, engaged with me about my ideas and what I had in mind for our shoots. He was always sure to say very nice things to keep the momentum of the shoot going. Always making sure to let you know you look beautiful, while keeping you laughing! He is truly an artist, and I wouldn't even THINK of having anyone else shoot my photos! I love how he sees a photo opportunity at every corner, and then turns it into a beautiful photograph! He surely is "One of a kind!"- Inside and out!!" -- Sarah White

"Mark has a true professionalism that is both unique and fun spirited. Right from the beginning, Mark put me at ease. He welcomed my ideas and together we created some amazing shots. Mark's eye for detail and ability to use his surroundings was on point. Mark puts a full 100% into his art. The entire experience was fun, energized, and absolutely fantastic!" -- Michele G

"I asked a friend for a reference on a photographer I should shoot with and the first name she told me was Mark's. I was initially so nervous because I had never worked with a professional photographer before, but I quickly felt confident and comfortable after talking to him. He is just an amazing talent who loves art and makes magic with his camera. I highly recommend Mark to anyone as you'll feel great being in his company, sharing ideas, and making lifetime memories with his incredible shoots. Thank you Mark for being who you are and for giving me the best birthday present ever! I want to work with you and create unique art until I turn 100 years old." -- Gerta Muka

"Mark was incredibly efficient and professional. I loved his energy and ultra-creative spirit, and can't wait to work with him again! He was also very kindhearted, and I really loved his unique style, and ability to quickly find the perfect shots always! If you're looking for a unique flare, lots of positive energy, and a great sense of professionalism; I highly recommend Mark!" -- Beth Sullivan, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Sei Bella Image Consulting

"Working with Mark was more wonderful than we could have expected.  His calm nature and expertise allowed our family to relax and have fun while he worked around us.  I was a bit nervous with an energetic 2-year-old in tow, but he just left her to her thing and he caught the most precious and genuine moments.  He not only took beautiful photos, but ones that told a story, which made the photos come to life.  We will continue to work with Mark, and are looking forward to a newborn session.  I would highly recommend Mark to capture your family's next special moment." -- Jess Burns

"There are good photographers and then there are great photographers. Mark is one of the greats. His amazing eye for beauty is wonderful, and his imagination is incredible. He makes you feel comfortable and he doesn't push you to be someone you're not. Not only is he fun to be around but he takes his job seriously and puts a 100% into every beautiful photograph he takes." -- Alyssa Stroud

"What a great decision it was to shoot with Mark Cubbedge. He is everything you want in a photographer. The enthusiasm he displays is unlike any I've seen in photographers I've worked with in the past.Mark makes me feel just as beautiful as someone on the front cover of a Victoria's Secret magazine. I am not extraordinarily confident but I have never felt uncomfortable behind the lens of Mark's camera. He is respectful and professional regardless of the material we are shooting. The quality of work is always outstanding and he is someone you can trust, which is huge when building a client-photographer relationship. One of my favorite qualities about Mark is the casualness with which he carries a conversation. He is not a pushy photographer who has to have everything his way. He lets me decide what I want to wear, and how I want to stand, and he encourages me. I give him my ideas and he gives me his and in the end we end up with unique and exquisite portraits. I can truly see his excitement when he is brainstorming about whimsical themed shoots, muscle cars, and antique guns. Working with a photographer who is creative makes for simplified photo shoots that are fun and it leaves you craving more. It's impossible not to see the passion and hard work Mark puts into his photography. Simply put, Mark is an amazing photographer to work with." --  Crystal Allen

"I love it when photographers listen to your ideas, but know how to use their professional, artistic knowledge to help enhance or take that idea to another level. Mark does just this, he is a true artist. I worked with him on two shoots, one boudoir and another that was very classic yet sexy. He is a polished professional who made me feel very comfortable. His artistic eye captured photographs that were nothing less than flattering and flawless. Mark certainly has a distinctive talent for photography and a niche for capturing natural beauty in the most impressive of ways." - Jill Schechter

"A picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures leave me speechless. You have impeccable timing, the vision and experience to distinguish a great shot from a good one, and an uncompromising standard inside and out of the studio. You are an amazing professional at the top of your game, and you have a way of making everyone involved comfortable. You are amazing and truly fun to work with."  – Ashley